Islamia University of Bahawalpur announced Admission of Bachelor Programs Fall 2024


Islamia University of Bahawalpur announced Admission  of Bachelor Programs Fall 2024

Faculty of Arts & Languages

BS English Language & Literature (Group A, B & ADP)

BS English Language & Linguistics (Group A, B & ADP)

Diploma in TEFL (One Year Program) (Group A)

BS History (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Archeology (Group A)

BS Pakistan Studies (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Persian (Group A)

BS Saraiki (Group A)

BS Urdu (Group A,B & ADP)

BS Iqbal Studies (Group A & ADP)

BS Philosophy (Group A)

Bachelor in Design with Specialization in Painting, Printmaking, Sculputre, Miniature Painting, Visual Communication Design, Textile Design, Fashion Design & Ceramic Design, Interior Design (4 Years Program) (Group A)

Faculty of Social Sciences

BS Applied Psychology (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Economics & Finance (Group A & ADP)

BS Economics (Group A & ADP)

BS Home Economics (Group A)

BS Business Economics (Group A)

BS Development Studies (Group A)

BS International Relations (Group A)

BS Defence and Diplomatic Studies (Group A)

BS Information Management (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Mass Communication (Group A & B)

BS Political Science (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Politics & Parliamentary Studies (Group A & ADP)

BS Gender Studies (Group A & ADP)

BS Public Policy and Governance (Group A & ADP)

BS Public Administration (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Social Work (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Sociology (Group A & ADP)

BS Anthropology (Group A & ADP)

Diploma course in Gender Studies (One Year Program)

Diploma in Local Government & Community Development (One Year Program) (Group B)

Faculty of Agriculture & Environment

BSc. (Hons) Agriculture (Group A & B)

BS (Seed Sciences & Technology) (Group A)

BSc (Hons) Agriculture (Forestry) (Group A & B)

BS Water Management (Group A)

BS Food Science and Technology (Group A & B)

BS Environmental Science (Group A & B)

BS Agri. Business (Group A & B)

Diploma in Agriculture Science (DAS) (3 Years /6 Semester)

Faculty of Education

BS Education (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Secondary Education (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Elementary Education (Group A)

BS Educational Leadership and Management (A & ADP)

B.Ed 04 years (After FA/FSC) (Group A)

B.Ed. 2.5 Years (After BA/BSC/ADE) (Group A)

B.Ed. 1.5 Years (After MA/MSc/BS) (Group A)

M.Ed. (After B.Ed/BS Ed) (Group B)

BS Physical Education & Sports Sciences (Group A & B)

BS Special Education (Group A, B & ADP)

B.Ed. 1.5 years Special Education Years (Group A & B)

BS English Language Teaching (Group A & ADP)

BS Early Childhood Education (Group-A)

BEd Science (4-years) after FSc (Group A)

BEd Science (2-years) after 4 semester of BS or Bsc (A & B)

BEd Science (1.5-years) after BS Science or MSc (A & B)

Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies

BS Arabic (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Islamic Studies (Group A & ADP)

BS Translation Studies (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Islamic Studies with Specialization in Hadith Studies (A)

BS Islamic Studies with Specialization in Quranic Studies (A)

BS Islamic Studies with Specialization in Fiqah & Sharia (A & ADP)

BS Islamic Studies with Specialization in World Religions & Interfaith Harmony (Group A, B & ADP)

Diploma in Arabic to Understanding Quran

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

B.Sc. Electronic Engineering (Group A)

BS Biomedical Electronics (Group A)

BS Electronics (Group A)

B.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering (Group A)

B.Sc. Computer Systems Engineering (Group A)

B.Sc. Computer Engineering Technology (Group A)

B.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering (Group A)

BS Electrical Engineering Technology (Group A)

BS Cyber Security and Digital Forensic (Group A)

BS Intelligent Systems and Robotics (Group A)

BS Biomedical Engineering Technology (Group A)

B.Sc. Civil Engineering (Group A)

B.Architechture (Group A)

BS Interior Architecture (Group A)

BS Avaition Science (Group A)

Faculty of Law

LLB 5 Years (Under Semester System) (Group A)

LLB Shariah & Law 5-years (under semester system) (Group A)

BS Criminology (Group A)

Faculty of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences

BEMS (Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery) (5 Years Program) (Group A)

BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science) (5 Years Program) (Group A)

BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics (4 Years Program) (Group B)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (5 Years Program) (Group B)

BS Medical Laboratory Technology (Group B)

BS Public Health (Group A & ADP)

BS Nursing (Group A)

Post RN BSN 2-Years Degree Program (Group A)

BS Forensic Science (Group B)

Diploma in Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

Postgraduate Diploma in Acupuncture & Pain Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Health Sciences

Postgraduate Diploma in Alternative Medicine & Health Product Manufacturing (APM)

Faculty of Chemical & Biological Sciences

BS Botany (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Chemistry (Group A & B)

BS Zoology (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Biochemistry (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Biotechnology (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Bioinformatics (Group A)

Faculty of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

BS Geography (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Remote Sensing & GIS (Group A & B)

BS Mathematics (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Physics (Group A, B & ADP)

Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) (Group A & B)

BS Animal Sciences (Group A & B)

Livestock Assistant Diploma (2-Years) (Group B)

BS Applied Microbiology (Group A & B)

BS Physiology (Group A & B)

BS Poultry Science (Group A)

BS Genetics (Group A)

Faculty of Computing

BS Computer Science (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Information Systems (Group A)

BS Multimedia & Gaming (Group A)

BS(CS) with Specialization in Networks & Telecommunication (A)

BS Information Technology (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Software Engineering (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Artificial Intelligence (Group A, B & ADP)

BS Cyber Security (BS CySec) (Group A & B)

BS Internet of Things (Group A)

BS Data Sciences (Group A & B)

BS Statistics (Group A, B & ADP )

BS Bio Statistics (Group A & B)

Faculty of Management Sciences & Commerce

B,Com (Hons) (Group A & B)

BS Accounting & Finance (Group A & B)

BS Banking and Finance (Group A)

BS E-Commerce (Group A)

BS Supply Chain Management (Group A)

BS Digital Marketing (Group A)

BS Leadership & Management (Group A)

BBA (Hons) After 12 Years Education (Group A & B)

BBA Technology Management (Group A & B)

BS Administrative & Management Sciences (Group A)

BS Entrepreneurship & Innovation (After 12 Years of Education) (Group A & B)

BS Tourism, Hospitality & Business Management (After 12 Years Education) Duration 4 Years (A, B & ADP)

BS Finance and Investment (Group A)

BS (Aviation Management) (Group A)

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharm-D (Group A & B)

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (Group A)

Apply Online:


June 30, 2024

Merit List will be displayed on the university website:

Note : LAT test is mandatory  LLB 5 years 

For More information Contact representers of BSC Bahawalpur:

Usama Baloch


Bakir Baloch

0323 2305231

Hanif Baloch


Saqlain Baloch


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