University of agriculture faislabad admissions for session 24-25


University of agriculture faislabad admissions for session 24-25

 Bs programs 







⚡Animal science 

⚡Dairy science 

⚡Food engineering 




⚡Food science and



     and dieticts 

⚡BBA Agribusiness

⚡ Pharm-D

⚡ Microbiology 

⚡ Software


⚡Computer science 

⚡ Information



⚡ Botany 

⚡ Zoology 

⚡ Biochemistry 

⚡ Chemistry 

⚡ Mathematics 

⚡ Physics 

⚡ Sociology

⚡ Statistics 

⚡  English language 

       and literature 

⚡ Energy system



⚡ Textile engineering 


⚡ Education 

⚡ Economics 

⚡ commerce 

⚡ Home economics 

⚡ Bachelors of fine

        arts (BFA)

⚡ Education 

⚡Artificial intelligence 

⚡ Data science

📌  M.phil / program 


♦ Agronomy 

♦ Horticulture

♦ Forestry 

♦ Entomology 

♦ Plant pathology 

♦ Plant breeding and ♦ Genetics 

♦ Soil science 

♦ Environmental 

♦ Science 

♦ Biotechonology 

♦ Agri biotechonology

♦ Seed science and 


♦ Climate change

💫 Faculty of social sciences

🔸 Agri. economics 

🔸 Agricultural


🔸 Eevelooment 


🔸Environmental and 

    resource economics 

🔸Rural development 

🔸Rural sociology 

 🔸 Ms (Management) 

       specialization in 


💫Faculty of sciences







⚡ Mathematics

💫Faculty of veterinary sciences*



🔸Clinical medicine and surgery  






🔸Epidimology and public health

 💫Faculty of animal husbandry* 

🔺Anumal breeding and genetics 

🔺Animal nutrition 

🔺Livestock Management 

🔺Poultry science

 💫Faculty of Agri. Engineering and technology*

⚡Agricultural engineering 

⚡Water resource engineering 

⚡Environmetal engineering 

⚡Energy system engineering 

⚡Food engineering 

⚡Textile Techonology

💫 Faculty of food nutrition and techonology* 

⚡Food Techonology

⚡Human nutrition and dietetics 

⚡Dairy Tevhonology 

⚡Food safety and quality management 

⚡Food service management

📌 Reserve seats for Balochistan Bs programe*

BS agriculture                             8 seats 

DVM                                             8 seats 

food science                              01 seat 

Agri engineering                         01 seat 

Environmental science              01 seat 

Human nutrition and dietetics   01 seat 

Agri. engineering                        01 seat 

Agri. Resource economics       01 seat

📌 Reserve seats for Balochistan students mphil/msc programe*

Total no. Of seats for MPhil Agriculture 31 (22 seats for students and 9 seats for employees )

📌 Postgraduate online registration has been started on 27, May 2024 to 12, June 2024 

1st Entry test held on : 29, June 2024 

♦📌 For

Postgraduates students

Complete online registration at

📌 Undergraduate admissions registration will start from 03, June 2024 to 27, June 2024 

1st entry Test held on 14, July 2024 

💫 For further information contact with Baloch Students Council University of Agriculture Faisalabad numbers given below* 


 Alam Riaz Baloch 


 Mujahid Baloch 


 Aqeel Baloch 


 Talha Baloch 


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